1.1 The regulation of the accommodation structure “ALBERGO AMALFI” located in Via Quarnero 18, Milano (MI), is set up to ensure everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the same. It has contractual nature between the managing company "Albergo Amalfi Sas" and the guest and, therefore, the request to stay in rooms and the acceptance of such request by the Direction, implies full acceptance of these Rules. Failure to comply with the Rules and the additional provisions of the Direction involves the removal of the offender from the property and the related reporting also made to public authorities in case of failure to comply can possibly lead one to suppose the commission of a crime.

1.2 All the indications placed on the signs located in the accommodation structure must be respected.

1.3 The parents (or whoever exercises parental authority) are jointly responsible for the acts of their minor children within the accommodation structure and are required - on their own responsibility- to supervise them and ensure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others. In particular, in regard to the obligation to observe silence, the correct use of the services and facilities provided by the structure to its guests. Any activity that can bother other guests is prohibited.

1.4. The attitude adopted both by adults and minors is considered contractually essential, therefore, any violation of the rules of this Regulation and the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the accommodation structure will cause, according to the judgment assigned contractually in the way that cannot be appealed to the Management, the immediate rescission of the contract signed by the Guest and the removal from the accommodation structure within 5 hours of contesting the facts, for the whole family. In this case, the Direction of the Hotel is legitimated to retain any amounts already paid and claim the remaining sums, also as compensation for damages, except the right to claim additional damages found.


2.1 The reservations are subjected to availability and are only valid if confirmed by a written reservation voucher.

2.2 In case of no-refundable reservations, a confirmation deposit of 100% of the entire stayis charged by credit card at the time of the booking and won't be refunded in any case, even if the cancellation is immediate.In case of no credit card, in order to have the confirmation of the booking, the deposit has to be paid by bank transfer within 3 days from booking request, according to the informations given by the Direction.

2.3 The housing prices are published at the front desk of the Hotel, in the rooms and on the website .

2.4 The Check-in (arrival) must be made between 2pm and 8pm, after 8pm arrivals can be accepted only after agreement with the Direction.

2.5 The Hotel rooms are available by 2pm on day of arrival and must be vacated before 11:00 on day of departure. Rates are per day, regardless of the input.

2.6 The full amount of the reservation, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid on check-in.

2.7 At their arrival, guests must present their personal documents to the front desk and fill out the check-in form. The selection and designation of the place is left to the Direction.

2.8 Children under legal age will be accepted only in presence of a release signed by parents (or whoever legally exercising parental care), accompanied by their telephone contact and a copy of their personal document.

2.9 The day of departure the room must be vacated before 11.00am, when the room is not vacated before that time the Guest will incur in a cost of 10 € for each additional hour spent in the room. After 1pm, when there is no more the necessary time to rearrange the room the total amount of the night will be charged. Room keys must be delivered at the front desk personnel, who shall check the room (to avoid discussion is encouraged to give notice of any breakages, etc..).


3.1 The water supplied in the structure is potable in accordance to the current laws. It is absolutely forbidden to use water for misuse. The use is permitted only for the primary uses (personal hygiene). We would ask our guests to take some care to avoid all forms of waste.

3.2 Change of bathroom linen is guaranteed every 2 days and always at first check-in. The change of bed linen is guaranteed every 3 days and always at first check-in.

3.3 Smoking is forbidden in the whole property, both inside the rooms and common areas.

3.4 All basic services (water, electricity, gas, hot and cold air conditioning, internet, everyday cleaning ) are always included in the price paid for the stay.

3.5 A continental breakfast is available on request from 8:00am to 10:am at the cost of 5 € per person in the breakfast room on the ground floor.


4.1 The Direction is not responsible for the absence of objects and / or values not delivered to the reception, because each guest must take care of the storage of any of his/her properties; the Property is not responsible for damages resulting by the nature of the thing and by “acts of God”, which include : atmospheric ones, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, falling trees or branches or products of the plants, wind gusts, accidents at sea, damage or car theft in the parking area and in the area of the structure. For no reason, at the time of departure will be recognized discounts to cover alleged disruptions that may occur as a result of the events described above.

4.2 Regarding the handling of the room, particular attention must be given to: close the water valves of the sanitaries, turn off lights and electrical appliances when you leave the accommodation structure, proper use of electrical outlets, ensuring at least two air changes per day in the room by opening windows for at least twenty minutes, proper use of ventilation service.

4.3 Any faults must be reported immediately to the reception or, when the reception is closed,to the service number +3902462478 that will try to restore the proper functionality as soon as possible.


5.1 With the signature on this form and the taking over of the keys, the guest confirms explicitly to know the rules of the accommodation structure listed on this contract and / or any other advertisements placed in the structure and / or warnings verbally notified at booking or check-in, and accept them all, without distinction, without reservation.

5.2 In the property is forbidden any activity that is incompatible with the rules of hygiene,the decency of the building and its security, and in contrast with the national and local Laws in particular L. February 20 1958, n.75 "Abolition of regulation of prostitution and campaign against the exploitation of prostitution (G.U. March 4 n.55)" or disturb the other guests of the accommodation structure.

5.3 It is forbidden to make changes to the furnishings and equipment of the accommodation. The property is not liable for any damage caused to persons or things , as a result of misuse or modification of furnishings and equipment of the property.

5.4 The Direction reserves the right at any time to revise these Rules, which will be displayed at the entrance of the Hotel and in the rooms, to ensure everyone an ever better use of the structure.

5.5 For any dispute the jurisdiction belong to the Court of Milano (MI). ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur pharetra dapibus pharetra. Donec interdum eros eu turpis pharetra et hendrerit est ornare. Etiam eu nulla sapien. Nullam ultricies posuere nunc, eget mollis nulla malesuada quis.